I recall how I felt the last time I sat through a time share pitch for a free water bottle. I couldn’t wait to roll back to the resort room and scrub the previous 2 hours out of my memory bank with battery acid.


Enter the age of transparency. Whether it’s sales, or advertising, high pressure tactics or one-size-fits-all message will get called out to a pitchfork wielding mob (internet trolls). But advertising doesn’t have to suck. Imagined through a sincere heart and tactful creativity, ads are mutually beneficial to both businesses and customers. Moreover the great news is you don’t need a multimillion dollar agency to help you shake hands with your audience. It does however, begin with a customer centric paradigm-shift.

Perhaps a new year may mean some introspection for your business. If you’re open to change, the second half of this blog is for you:


Intrusive and manipulative, ads have earned a bad reputation. I will transcend above short-term goals to build trust and loyalty.


To unadvertise means I will put first the needs of my customers and pocket talking points about my products until deemed necessary.

To unadvertise means that I will no longer condemn myself to the age old philosophy of manipulating to fill my pockets. Rather, I will aim to become a thought leader in my space and make conversations with my customers to discover whether there really is a fit between my products and theirs.

To unadvertise means I will respect when the customer is not ready yet. I will avail myself to help the customer discover his/her own needs through a personal journey. The cool kid in the room makes subtle gestures and gets noticed. The over-compensating kid makes noise and drives people away. I want to be cool.

To unadvertise means my voice shall be unique, memorable, and consistent across all touchpoints so potential customers will be inspired and motivated to engage with my business.

“…our goal with such a prospect is to inspire him to form the intent to solve his problem; it is but to inspire him to hire us.”

–Blair Enns


Signed, business owner.